“If there’s something strange in your government… Who you’re gonna call? Dinobusters…” (free interpretation of the Ghostbuster-song)

Dinobusters: move to connect

Dinobusters was founded in 2013 by three young civil servants looking for answers to make government more efficient and effective. They were involved with innovative projects dealing with new kinds of organizational structures, clearing out non effective processes and introducing new ways of co-creation with citizens and stakeholders. One of their main keys of success was the focus on communication in change management. They worked with social media to help employees to become the ambassador of their organisation in order to become part of the whole story of change. All these experiences finally resulted in a book published two years ago (De Vogelaere, Renneboog & Wambacq, 2014) explaining how to deal with dinosaurs in government. Dinosaurs are outdated habits obstructing organizations to innovate and to put the client in the center of their business. After the publication of the book, lots of companies reacted on the story. They recognized the situation in government because once a company starts growing, systems and procedures are growing too. The story of dinosaurs in government was much the same in any large company trying to organize itself.

Dinobusters can assist in plotting out the right strategy in order to be ready for future challenges.

Dinobusters can count on a solid approach to succeed in the mission:

  • We want that our customers have a solution for their strategic challenges. We do this by listening to our customers and asking the right questions to make the goal clear.
  • Every problem asks for a specific solution. We don’t copy and paste models, we tailor instruments based on the needs of our customers to have the right fit.
  • Dinobusters are your compagnon to reach the finish. We can count on more than 20 years of experience in HR, change and communications to provide you the right advize.
  • At the end of our project, we want to see happy faces in the company. We set up a context where employees can actively participate the project so they feel involved and responsible for the right outcome.


Hiring Dinobusters is welcoming two motivated consultants driven by their dream to make organizations fresh and relevant for their customers.


Over Nancy en Elke

Nancy De Vogelaere (right on the picture) previously worked for more than a decade at the Flemish Department for Education. She was head of communications and rolled out several innovative project. She is specialized in communications, social media and coaching. She has a Master degree in Public Management and Political Sciences.

Elke Wambacq (left on the picture) previously worked at the Flemisch Institute for Research on Nature and was head of the staff. She is specialized in building innovative organization focussing on the development of self-steering teams. She has a specific expertise in developing strategies based on trend analysis and also teaches this to her students at the University of Ghent. Elke has a Bachelor in Biochemistry, a Master in Criminology and an MBA at the London School of Business & Finance.

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