Ninja government! Inspiring IBM to take the next step.

Every year IBM Benelux organises a series of academies for their employees to learn and share knowledge about new trends and challenges. This time Dinobusters were also present to inspire the sales managers for government. IBM has a long history going back to the 19th century of manufacturing computers and selling software. Nowadays Big Blue […]

Dinobusters… The movies

Jullie hebben het ongetwijfeld al gemerkt: wij zijn een beetje aan het experimenteren met en – gemakkelijke apps / sites om zelf filmpjes aan te maken. Deze film werd vanochtend de wereld in gestuurd – flashback aan de lancering van onze eerste boek en de daarop volgende roadshow #TotUwDienst (eerste helft 2014) Later vanochtend volgde deze heuse […]

And now… The dinobuster movie @ OECD :-)

  As you all remember, we visited Paris (OECD) in November 2014We only forgot one small detail about our talk over there… and that is… that it was recorded 🙂 For those who want to hear our (attempt to) Ted-Talk 😉 And for those who feel like laughing a little bit with our “special” English… […]

Dinobusters hit the CEEP Conference in Rome

Today the CEEP organized a conference about innovation in the management of public services. The conference was an exchange of practices between leaders of public services. Despite of the fact that it was a very informal and small meeting, a lot of knowledge about innovation in government was shared. We had the honour to present […]

Dinobusters publish magazine to inspire OECD

Today the Dinobusters are having an innovation talk at the OECD Conference “Innovating the public sector: from ideas to impact” For this occasion we have made a Dinobuster Magazine to inspire public services to start a movement of innovation. We share tips and tricks to think out of the box and how you can get rid […]