Dinobusters hit the CEEP Conference in Rome

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Today the CEEP organized a conference about innovation in the management of public services. The conference was an exchange of practices between leaders of public services. Despite of the fact that it was a very informal and small meeting, a lot of knowledge about innovation in government was shared.

We had the honour to present the story of Belgian government and how a bottom-up movement was able to make something move inside administrations.

Curious about our presentation? You can discover it right here at Slideshare 🙂

Our presentation contained a lot of inspiring practices…

  • The observatory of public sector innovation of the OECD
  • Mission possibe: contest at federal government about innovating public sector
  • Radar: exchanging talents in Flemish government
  • Talent Avenue: exchanging talents in Federal government
  • Pleio: platform in the Netherlands and other countries to co-create and to share knowledge
  • Some best practices supported by ESF regarding innovation
  • Club 35: an informal network of young civil servants in Belgian government
  • Dinobuster Magazine: an English summary of the book written by the dinobusters 🙂 Soon there will also be an app available. We will get you informed about that on our website and through social media.

Some snapshots at the CEEP conference

During the meeting we took some snapshots of interesting slides or quotes and we have made a storify about it 😉



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